Let’s play braille Lego!

Lego Braille Bricks has just been launched in Australia. Over the past few weeks, schools and educators around the country have been given the blocks for free by Vision Australia in cooperation with the Lego Foundation. The aim was to turn learning braille for kids into a fun thing. The kids’ verdict – completely unsurprising – is a resounding “yay!”.

This article on the ABC follows a couple of kids as they test-drive their new set. It’s a great story and their reactions are absolutely heart-warming – make sure you have a read:


The Lego kits each contain 304 bricks featuring letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols. Moulded so that the studs on top reflect individual letters and numbers in the Braille alphabet while remaining fully compatible with regular Lego blocks, the bricks also feature printed letters, numbers and symbols so that they can be used simultaneously by sighted peers, classmates and teachers in a collaborative and inclusive way.

If you’re a teacher/educator looking to obtain Lego Braille for your visually impaired students, visit the Vision Australia site.